Easy all in one
Stay updated about policies and reform changes.
Easy to use interface, with latest updates and self help features and a lot more..
A self help book to help register and understand policies and registrations, with tips,etc..
Authentication transaction for places you visited
A comfortable modern onboarding screen, giving a clear functionality about the super app.
Two-factor authentication, using phone number, hence providing more security to the user identities.
Your very own gloID
Use this gloID anywhere around the globe to authenticate yourself.
No need to carry your documents around the globe to verify yourself. We give you ONE TAP QR SCAN solution to authenticate whereever you go :).
A single monoauth management super application integrating power of modern tech and AR/VR technology to make this process simpler and easier for humans worldwide
What is GloID?
Unique digital ID that is assigned upon registration
Easy translation between numerous languages with the help of AR technology.
One-stop Global authentication
Provides news and updates about various policy changes
It curbs user frustration of carrying around countless documents and physical IDs as well as reduces paper wastage by automating the entire process.
Verification becomes hassle-free with a one-tap QR code that is unique to each user.
That’s where we step in

An office worker uses 1kg of paper a day i.e.

sheets a year

That amounts to almost a trillion sheets being used up for paperwork in just one year.

There are 6500 official languages in the world.

official languages

and on average a person can only speak 1-2 languages


The only ID you will ever need
It provides a new, digital identity to the user that allows them to use one-touch authentication even when they don’t have their physical documents or IDs with them. It automates the whole process and reduces wastage of resources as well as the time taken for verification.
GloID is a global service as it helps translate forms in over
6500 official languages of the world and also informs the users of important policy updates in an easy-to-undersyand manner.
How it helps?
With never-ending and often-confusing forms, long queues, and the endless waiting from the scheduling of appointments to the verification of documents, as well as authentication, the average person faces a lot of difficulties as a part of the bureaucratic system.
With our AR VR technology, get details of organisation around you using our service to authenticate.
Get support for Form filling in multi language forms.
AR VR to MAP view feature.
Smart analysis of users authentication
Easy form filling with smart QR codes
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Manage all your identities at one place
A one stop solution on managing all your identities securely